Saturday, 30 April 2011

Things I Have Learned Today

As my 4-H districts key member it is my job to plan at least one district 'fun day' This year I decided to rent a hall and play fun games and give away some amazing prizes to extremely well behaved children... well that was my plan anyway. Obviously things did not go as planned but it was an interesting evening and gave me an opportunity to learn about event planning. This is the top ten things I hope you find helpful if you ever have to plan an event like this:
1) when planning a potluck insure that someone actually brings an entre
2) I must learn to better utilise my loud voice
3) Planning an event requires an amazing crew of people to pull it all together
4) When renting a hall make sure that it has tables that are not older than the combined age of all the members attending
5) When planning for 40 kids you probably don’t need a box of 500 plastic utensils
6) A scavenger hunt is a great way to give you time to re-group and prepare for the next event
7) At a 4H event people will probably be late, so when there are only 3 people there on time, doesn’t worry more will probably show up
8) Don't accidently pop a 3 year olds balloon. They will start crying
9) Serving spoons are a great idea, people don’t like using plastic knives to try to fish out cake
10) Powdered donuts on a string turn children of all ages into hungry piranhas
Overall it was a great night with enthusiastic members, supportive volunteers, and a great opportunity to meet new people and see old friends. Although I am absolutely exhausted tonight, I had a great time and can’t help but look forward to next year. I know that all the things I have learned will help make next year’s event even better!

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