Sunday, 1 May 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to Corn Country Cowgirl! This blog will give you an inside look at the life of a farmer's daughter. Here I will tell my story of my  family farm, our product and the good times we have! Being very involved in our farm has been like living to dream for me even though its not always pretty and some days you feel like nothing can go right, it is very rewarding to see hard work paying off in the end. Weither it be keeping little calves warm in a snow storm, feeding yearling bulls in mud to my knees or getting the tractor stuck in our corals, there are always leasons that are learned and fun story's to tell. Our family run farm consists of my parents, older sister, my grandparents and me meaning there is never a dull moment around our ranch. I hope this blog makes you apreciative of all farmers and helps you to realize their are so many dedicated people in this industry that provide you with every meal you have. So be sure to keep checking in on the new events happening around my farm. You are sure to get a laugh or two!!!

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