Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Love of the Land

I believe that it is far from an understatement to say that the agriculture industry is one that is becoming more and more technologically advanced to fit today’s demands of the consumer.  Although technologies have made farm productions faster and more efficient, not all farmers believe in the new ways of all technologies. These are the types of farmers I like to call the back bone of today’s industry! What I am referring to is the small scale farmers or ranchers.  Although they made not be able to make the kind of money that the big farms are making, they still stay in this industry for nothing more than the love they have for what they do.
When I think of small scale farmers and ranchers, I can think of my grandpa, dad, uncles and even just the farmers in my community. Although these people may not run farms the same or may like doing things a little different, I believe they all have something in common. These are the people that define the word tough. They are determined in getting done what needs to and no matter if their ribs are broke or they feel as if they can’t take another day walking through the mud.  They continue to do what they do and find enjoyment out of the small things around the farm. I know that no matter how busy or hectic things get around our farm my dad and grandpa always find some times for the little things like walking through the pen of bull calves to find a champion.
It is these kinds of ranchers that I love listening to their stories. They’ve experienced the tough times where there isn’t enough water to grow crops or when they have to seed around the puddles in the field. But it’s their determination and compassion for this industry that makes it all worthwhile and what keeps them going for long days. So it’s really the small farmers of our industry that have helped paved the way for future generations and that have inspired me to stay with this industry.

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