Saturday, 21 May 2011

Too Many Birds and Not Enough Krickets!

On every farm you always need one “good dog.” You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones that are always in the wrong gait at the wrong time, always chasing cats and right when you need them the most are nowhere to be found. Well that’s my dog Kricket. Although she may not be always where you need her, she still pulls through for us some times and has become a great source of entertainment.
Ever since Kricket was little, her favourite time of year was seeding time. My dad would always take her in the tractor with him when he was working land and then as she got older she loved chasing the birds instead of sitting in the tractor. So as my dad would work up land and bird would be landing on the ground, you would always find Kricket not far behind making sure those birds weren’t on the ground for too long.
We have now has my dog for almost 6 years and well she’s kind of starting to get a little old. This year when it came time to work the fields, she still came out and chased birds constantly but she wasn’t able to keep up with all the birds as well as usual. She would come home at night very tired and you can tell she was wishing for a few more Krickets and a few less birds.

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