Saturday, 7 May 2011

Highway Cleanup

Today many 4-H kids across the province took place in this year’s Highway Cleanup. This is an even that all clubs take part in that not only helped clean up the ditches on the side of the road, but gives the kids a chance to make some money for their clubs. This event takes place on the first or second Saturday of May depending on the weather. Much planning and preparation must go into this event before it can take place which consist of getting an area, making sure enough parents are willing to come and to make sure all kids know that is expected of them. After the clubs are assigned there area to clean they are given an educational video that tells of all the rules and regulations of Highway cleanup. This video must be watch by all members and parents that are planning to attend. Next comes the big day where before heading out our club had a short meeting where we are given gloves, bright orange vests and garbage bags. Next we set out in groups, keeping the smallest kids closest to the fence, to see what fun things we can find along our journey. Today our club was able to walk 9 miles and found many interesting items along the way. We first were able to collect over 6 garbage bags full of pop cans that our club uses for money. Along with that we found everything from old broken cell phones to soggy ripped chair cushions to a role up the rim cup that had a free coffee on it. Overall it was a great day and it makes you feel great to get your whole club together to help keep Alberta’s highways clean!
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  1. Oh, I remember the "treasure hunting" of highway cleanup! I think the greatest treasure I found though, was a respect for our countryside. After participating in highway cleanup, you think twice before throwing garbage out the window!

  2. ohh yeah highway clean up is a great treasure hunt! and i think there is a very good leason learned! it seems like every year the new 4-H kids always vow they will never through garbage out the window again!

  3. you should see what I found this year... lets just say someone was having a "party" and deposited their ripped clothes, whipcream canaseters, condom boxes, condom wrappers and well condoms over a span of 1 km..... funny but gross lol