Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The NASCARs of the Show Ring

For about 5 years now I have been very involved in showing cattle all across southern Alberta. At these shows you see many different breeds of cattle represented and one of which is known as the Club Calves. Club Calves are a lot like the cars you see raising in the NASCAR series. These cars are flashy, eye appealing and built to race on the track, and although they may come off as all that, there are not built for the road.  Club calves are a lot the same. They are makeup of a crazy amount of hair so they can be made to look as flashy as the race cars. These calves are bred mostly for eye appeal, carcass quality is still important but these steers are also meant to look good in the show ring. Today you see more and more younger kids getting involved with Club Calves because of the thrill of taking that crazy amount of hair and trimming it up and shaping them down to look like a champion.
Here is a link that will give you more examples of what Club Calves look like. http://www.showsteers.com/NAV/upcoming_sales.htm
 So if you ever have an opportunity to watch a cattle show, try to point out the club calves, or NASCARs as I like to call them and you will see they look as good in the show ring as race cars do on the track.

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